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Chicago Dance Therapy is the premier dance/movement therapy practice serving Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. We offer psychotherapy with a body-centered approach focused on connecting mind, body, and spirit.


In dance/movement therapy, movement is the therapeutic tool used to process feelings and emotions. The client is encouraged to experience, observe, and process behaviors and thoughts through body sensations, non-verbal communication, and body language. We use the body to recharge, refocus, and even re-pattern the mind.


We use the body to assess, observe, and intervene in the therapeutic relationship. When words alone may not be expressing what someone is experiencing, dance/movement therapy can help to validate and support each individual.


This holistic alternative to traditional talk therapy is a wonderful way to treat mind, body, and spirit. Using movement we can connect to our subconscious, enhance our awareness, and learn to be more present.

According to the American Dance Therapy Association, dance/movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual. Benefits of dance/movement therapy include:

  • Facilitate self-awareness
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Encourage reminiscing
  • Maintain and/or increases mobility
  • Enhance body-mind connectivity
  • Focus on non-verbal communication
  • Enhance emotional and physical wellbeing


We provide individual, family, group, and couples counseling. We use a combination of body psychotherapy and traditional talk therapy to address and myriad of issues. It is our belief that all experiences, good or bad, are held in the body and thus need to be addressed within the therapeutic relationship.

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  • C.W. (client's son)

    "The therapy has a direct impact on my mother's level of involvement and expression. She's developing new neural pathways to have the ability to speak, and she travels freely in the city...She's all over the place and it's amazing."

  • Life Enrichment Coordinator of Presbyterian Homes

    "During your sessions they [residents] are more alert and's like the sadness or confusion floats away and they are dancing away at a place where they are safe and joyful."

  • Sheryl Weissman

    "Erica, your presentation was one of the most meaningful that I have ever heard on the subject of dementia. I am going to share this and friends. Duplicating your delivery will be difficult, but the impact of this piece is incredibly powerful. Thanks again for sharing and for your insight and compassion for patients and families going on this rough ride."

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